Student excursion to the stacks of Iziko Museums, Cape Town

Academic Teaching Experience

Since 2009, I have taught each semester. My classes are in German and English. In 2011, I started a MOOC (e-only) and from 2017, I contribute to the syllaboi of Sunoikisis Digital Classics. You can find these videos here.

I have also helped to create an overview about studying Egyptology and served in the PONS Archaeology program facilitating student exchange in archaeolgy and various Ancient Studies disciplines.

  • Fall term 2023 (South Africa, March/April), Ancient Cultures: Egypt and Kush (with Prof. Sakkie Cornelius/Dr. Jessica Nitschke); Ancient Cultures: Digital Curation and 3D Modelling for Exhibitions together with Dr. Samantha Masters and Amy Daniels incl. excursion, honours students), Stellenbosch University, Department of Ancient Studies
  • Winter term 2022–23 Ägyptologie im Dialog – Erklärvideos und Unterrichtsmaterialien im Ägyptischen Museum erstellen (together with PD Dr. Nadja Braun, Seminar and Übung, for Master students); one session at the University of Berkeley, Prof. Rita Lucarelli on Egyptology and Digital Humanities
  • Summer term 2022 SunoikisisDC: South Africa, Greece and Rome: Classical Confrontations in the Digital Age – Intro (with Dr. Samantha Masters) & Exhibiting the Ancient World – online and offline (together with Dr. Lara Weiss)
  • Fall term 2022 (South Africa): Ancient Cultures: Kush (March, with Prof. Sakkie Cornelius); Ancient Cultures: Digital Curation and 3D Modelling for Exhibitions incl. excursions (March/April, together with Dr. Samantha Masters and Amy Daniels, for honours students), Stellenbosch University, Department of Ancient Studies
  • Winter term 2021-22: Leipzig University: Working and Praying in Late Antique Egypt (for several study courses in Egyptology and Ancient History, together with Dr. Stefanie T. Schmidt, FU Berlin)
  • Summer term 2021: Leipzig University: SunoikisisDC (July 15 + 22, together with Prof. Rita Lucarelli and Dr. Susanne Töpfer)
  • Spring term 2021: University of California, Berkeley
  • Fall term 2021 (South Africa): Ancient Cultures (April, with Dr. Samantha Masters), Religion and Magic (May, with Prof. Sakkie Cornelius)
  • Winter term 2020-21: SunoikisisDC; Classics at Leipzig University: Herodot’s Second book (Herodot, Historien, 2. Buch, Institut für Klassische Philologie, together with Dr. Melissa Kunz, Modul 04-015-1006: Hellenistik I a: Schwerpunkt Prosa für 1./3./5. Semester); Seniorenstudium: Themenwoche Ägypten
  • Fall term 2019 (South Africa): Ancient Cultures: Digital Curation and 3D Modelling for Exhibitions (with Dr. Samantha Masters, block seminar, for honours students in their 4th year as undergraduates), Stellenbosch University, Department of Ancient Studies
  • Summer term 2020: “Processing Digital Data in Egyptology”, Part 2
  • Winter term 2019-20: “Processing Digital Data in Egyptology”, Part 1
  • Summer term 2019: “Processing Digital Data in Egyptology”, Part 2; SunoikisisDC
  • Winter term 2018-19: “Processing Digital Data in Egyptology”, Part 1; Project seminar: Projektarbeit: Digital Humanities in der Ägyptologie – Alignment und Weiterentwicklung der Hieroglyphen-App (Seminar for Master); Seminar on Erstellen von Audioguides für das Ägyptische Museum und Einführung ins Museumsmanagement (Seminar und Blockseminar mit PD Dr. Nadja Braun, dazu Schüler*innen aus dem Hochfrankengymnasium Naila)
  • Summer term 2018: “Processing Digital Data in Egyptology”, Part 1; “Ägypten – Aspekte einer frühen Zivilisation”: Der Stein von Rosette und weitere Dekrete (Seminar für alle Abschlüsse); dazu Workshop zu den „Leipzig Glossing Rules“ und „TEI/Epidoc Coding Language“ (mit Gästen); SunoikisisDC; Anthologie demotischer Texte (seminar, for all students)
  • Fall term 2018 (South Africa): Ancient Cultures: Theory, Method and Sources, Studying Ancient Artefacts and Art (with Dr. Samantha Masters, including an excursion to Iziko Museums, Cape Town to create 3D models of largely unpublished objects (seminar, for honours students in their 4th year as undergraduates), Stellenbosch University, Department of Ancient Studies

Further classes taught

  • July 2021: Bloomsbury Summer School, London: Magic and Divination in Ancient Egypt (digital, 19 sessions in 5 days)
  • “Ancient Egyptian Art and Monuments (“Denkmälerkunde”): Pre-Dynastic Period to the Middle Kingdom” (lectures, for bachelor students), summer term 2017)
  • “Creating a Studio Exhibition for the Demotic Congress” (for bachelor, master and PhD students), summer term 2017
  • Sunoikisis DC: Session “Digital Egyptology”, summer term 2017
  • „Von Spätzeit bis Spätantike – 25 Keypieces der ägyptischen Geschichte“ (for master and PhD students) winter term 2015-16
  • “Museumsmanagement: Totenkult in 3D?“ (for master and PhD students), winter term 2015-16
  • “Egyptology and PR: Cultural Business and Museum Management” (for bachelor, master and PhD students, with 6 excursions), summer term 2015
  • “Historical Perspectives on Egyptian Culture: Alexandria ad Aegyptum” (for master and PhD students), winter term 2014‑15
  • “Egypt – Aspects of an Early Civilization: Cult practices in Egypt in Literary Texts: Oracles, Magic, and Dreams” (for bachelor and master students), winter term 2014‑15
  • “Historical Perspectives on Egyptian Culture: Age-old, Perverse, Super-Religious: Reception of Egypt in Contemporary Pop Culture” (music videos, esoteric sects, Hollywood movies about Cleopatra, Brazilian carnival, Egypt in today’s German and Egyptian primary education), summer term 2013
  • “Historical Perspectives on Egyptian Culture: Age-old, Perverse, Super-Religious: Reception of Egypt in Contemporary Pop Culture” (for master students), winter term 2013‑14, with Dr. Alexandra Cappel
  • “Working on Objects: Amulets from the Ancient Mediterranean and Roman Britain” (for master, Magister and PhD students including participants of the Research Academy Leipzig), summer term 2013), with Simone Berger-Lober
  • “Archaeology in Dialogue: Aswân in Leipzig – Finds from the Qubbet el-Hawa from Bonn” (preparation of an exhibition, introduction in cultural management, for master and PhD students), winter term 2012‑13, with Dietrich Raue
  • “Egypt – Aspects of an Early Civilization: “His heart is satisfied with the gods” – (royal) commands, orders and decrees” (for master students), winter term 2012‑13
  • “Ancient Egyptian Art and Monuments (“Denkmälerkunde”): Pre-Dynastic Period to Late Antiquity” (lectures, for bachelor students), winter term 2012‑13 and summer term 2013
  • “Ancient Egyptian History, Third Intermediate Period to the Arab Conquest” (seminar and lectures, for bachelor students) summer terms 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2017
  • “Processing Digital Data in Egyptology” (MOOC offered on the online learning platform “Moodle”, one-year e-learning course on (digital) rights management, Unicode, writing hieroglyphs, image rendering, cartographical data processing with GIS etc., for bachelor students), in the academic years 2011‑12, 2013‑14, 2014‑15, 2016‑17, 2018-19, 2019-20, created with Kai-Christian Bruhn and Dietrich Raue, aided by student assistants
  • “Medînet Mâdi (Narmouthis) – a Town and its Secrets” (for magister and PhD students), winter term 2010‑11
  • “Preparation of the Exhibition on the Occasion of the 200th birthday of Karl Richard Lepsius” (writing exhibition texts, looking for objects, editing a book and installing a homepage including excursions and an introduction to cultural management, for bachelor, master, magister and PhD students), summer term 2010; creating an exhibition website (Lepsius Online)
  • “General Meryre and the Golem ‑ The Late Egyptian Story of Papyrus Vandier” (for master and magister students), winter term 2009‑10
  • “Demotic Magical Texts” (for magister and PhD students), winter term 2009‑10
  • “Demotic Literary and Documentary Texts” (for bachelor, master and magister students), summer terms 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2018 (course texts include, inter alia: “Setna Stories”, “The Teaching of Onkhsheshonqy”, “The Harpist”, The Rosetta Stone, unpublished ostraca from the collection)
  • “Demotic for Beginners” (for bachelor, master and magister students), winter terms 2009‑10, 2010‑11, 2011‑12, 2013‑14

General things

  • guest lecturer in seminars on Egyptian history, current research, cultural management in non-profit enterprises etc. in English and German, returning lecturer for the education of senior students
  • co-organized several academic excursions within Germany and to Egypt (2006), Rome (2006), and Lebanon (2011), Cape Town (2018) etc.
  • graded student papers in web design, interface design and project management at the Leipzig University of Applied Sciences (2011)
  • supervising 10 to 15 bachelor and master theses per academic year
  • documenting theses online, offline and in the library
  • coaching students and PhD candidates for fellowship applications
  • grading Antiquity-related project theses of high school students

Supervised Theses

Bachelor Theses (Undergraduate Students)

  • Backman-Daniels, Abgail: Lamp divination in the magical papyri
  • Bin, Alexander: Pyramidengräber des Neuen Reichs in Aniba
  • Bohn, Marina: Rudern in Freizeit und Beruf im Zweiten Jahrtausend v. Chr.
  • Breninek, Christopher: Die Dekoration der Sonnentempel während der Amarnazeit
  • Brougham -Cook, Callan: The Magician Anubis. The Role of Anubis within Ancient Egyptian Magic
  • Christ, Nancy: Die rechtliche Stellung der Ehefrauen in griechisch-römischer Zeit
  • Frey, Luisa: Beischläferinnen? Forschungsstand zu einer Objektgattung
  • Frost, Juliane: Amenhotep III. in Nubien: Bauprogram und Bildprogramme
  • Gottschalk, Tami: Gottesgemahlinnen des Amun von der 18. bis 26. Dynastie: drei Fallstudien
  • Hackbeil, Cornelius: Aufstand in der Ptolemäerzeit – Die Gegenkönige von Oberägypten
  • Hutschenreuter, Antje: Hatschepsuts Außenpolitik
  • Jasmer, Madeline: Alexander der Große in Ägypten
  • Krangemann, Henriette: Römischer Kaiser, Ägyptischer Pharao – Kaiserkult in Ägypten
  • Löschner, Antonie: Das Lebenshaus
  • Maartens, Ellen: Lost Fragments of Fayum: Contextualising the Mummy Portrait at Ditsong Museum
  • Meißner, Katrin: Zwei Frauen auf dem ägyptischen Thron: Komparative Studien zu Hatschepsut und Tausret
  • Menschenitz, Denise: Architekturbilder in der Diasammlung von Richard Laube
  • Möschen, Sophie: Ägypten als Nährboden von Alphabeten: Zu den MR- und NR-Inschriften in der Westwüste und auf dem Sinai und ihrer Bedeutung für die Herausbildung alphabetischen Schreibens
  • Motschmann, Franziska: Ägyptischer Tempel, jüdische Synagoge, christliche Kirche und islamische Moschee im Vergleich: Selbstverständnis und tatsächlich praktizierte Riten, Gemeinsamkeiten und Unterschiede
  • Pfaff, Justine: Ägyptische Berufe nach Text- und Bildquellen: Der Weber
  • Pieper, Natalie: Isisdarstellungen im Ägyptischen Museum der Universität Leipzig von der Spätzeit bis zur Spätantike
  • Schmidt, Maria: Tagewählkalender aus Ägypten
  • Schneider, Elisabeth: Die Harimsverschwörung gegen Ramses III.
  • Stadler, Manuel: Das Sedfest Amenophis‘ III. (Kritischer Forschungsüberblick
  • Starke, Nicole (2013): Die Grabausstattung des Tut-Anch-Amun nach den Aufnahmen in der Diasammlung von Karl Richard Laube
  • Stephan, Oliver Frank: Der altägyptische Tempel und seine Bezüge zum Mythos vom Urhügel
  • Stöshel, Christin: Die Nekropole von Kom es-Shuqafa in Alexandria
  • Thieme, Sophia: Die Entwicklung der Kanopen
  • Weiske, Sissy: Die Bibliothek von Alexandria und altägyptische Bibliotheken im Vergleich
  • Wende, Janine: Die Identität von König Sō‘ in Ägypten
  • Wiedemann, Maria: Wirtschaftstexte im Kloster Bawit
  • Winkel, Maria: Umfeld und Herkunft der magischen Papyri (PDM und PGM)

Master Theses (Graduate Students)

  • Dietrich, Charlotte: Pferd und Reiter im Neuen Reich
  • Fisch, Anne: Ritueller Kontext von Tiermumien am Beispiel von Tuna el-Gebel
  • Gottschalk, Tami: „‘Wortlaut des Eides, den N.N. leisten soll…‘ Eine inhaltliche Analyse der Tempeleide
  • Jüngling, Johannes: Das Senet-Spiel in der altägyptischen Jenseitsvorstellung
  • Kelly, Bree: Google’s Fabricius Workbench (Macquarie University)
  • Kreßin, Marie: Die Aegyptiaca der Klassischen Archäologie Leipzig
  • Müller, Asja: Typologie, Datierung und Kontextualisierung der römischen Mumienmasken des Ägyptischen Museums –Georg Steindorff  der Universität Leipzig
  • Pfaff, Justine: Ptolemäische Tempel in Unternubien
  • Reske, Erik: Der Objektfries des Sarges des Herischef-Hotep. Betrachtungen des rituellen Kontextes
  • Seidel, Kerstin: Die Geschichte des Archivs am Ägyptologischen Institut/Ägyptischen Museum der Universität Leipzig
  • Winkel, Maria: Die Dämonen in den ägyptischen magischen Texten (PGM, PDM und Supplementum Magicum)
  • Zander, Melanie: Studien zur Wirtschaft des Bawît-Klosters

Course work of outstanding high school students

  • Dietrich, Charlotte: Geschwister-Scholl-Gymnasium Freiberg: Die Rolle des Hauses Juja in der 18. Dynastie
  • A group of Bavarian high school students, several years: Creation of a museum tour guide for kids (Egyptian Museum Leipzig)
  • A group of Bavarian high school students, 11th grade: Creation of a museum audio guide (48 tracks, Egyptian Museum Leipzig)

Help supervising PhD students

  • Schmidt-Gottschalk, Tami (Leipzig)
  • Herzberg, Anne (Berlin)
  • Liu, Jinhu (Changchun, China)
  • Martínez Moreno, Clara (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona): Iatromagical papyri in Ancient Egypt: perception and construction of female identity and corporeality

PhD students

  • Julian Thibeau (University of Michigan): Irrigated Landscape of the Greco-Roman Fayum

[Note that a Habilitation thesis is mandatory to supervise PhD candidates in Germany.]