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Presenting the ICDS volume at the Festschrift presentation of Hans-W. Fischer-Elfert on September 2, 2019. Photo: M. Wenzel

Egyptologist, Museum curator, Digital Humanist with a focus on religion and literature in classical Egyptian, Graeco-Roman, and Late Antique Periods (texts and material culture, analogue and digital) with deep professional experience in research, museum and library management, teaching, and academic administration. Significant experience working with scholars, students, stakeholders (foundations, state and private institutions, publishers, media etc.) and the public in Europe, USA, Africa, in profit- and non-profit sectors of various budgets. Fluent in German (mother tongue), English, and French. Published author on ancient Egyptian religion, literary texts, editions of Egyptian, Greek and Coptic texts, exhibition catalogues and conference proceedings. Currently wrapping up the project “Digital Rosetta Stone”, finishing a monograph on Egyptian cult practices and preparing the conference volume „The Benefit of the Doubt“ for publication.

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