• Book project: Kultpraxis in der altägyptischen Literatur – Phänomene und Funktionen (Habilitationsschrift, in preparation 2022)
  • Proceedings of a workshop: The Benefit of the Doubt. Between Scepticism and Godlessness, Critique or Indifference in Ancient Mediterranean Religious Traditions – Proceedings of a Workshop in Berlin, February 20-21, 2019, together with Nicole Hartmann (in preparation 2022, for de Gruyter: ARG – Archiv für Religionsgeschichte)
  • „Frequently Asked Questions“ aka „The Sortes Book“: Sourcebook with a selection of ancient oracular texts (Sortes, ‚ticket‘ oracles), together with Hans-W. Fischer-Elfert (for Harrassowitz: KÄT- Kleine ägyptische Texte)
  • Edition of the Demotic ostraca of the Ägyptischen Museums der Universität Leipzig –Georg Steindorff‑ in Leipzig. Catalogue, together with the Hieratic and Hieroglyphic texts edited by Hans-W. Fischer-Elfert
  • Commentary to a Greek aretology on Imouthes-Asclepius (P. Oxy. 1381 for de Gryuter: APF-B – Archiv für Papyrusforschung, Beihefte)