In the British Museum during scans of the Rosetta Stone. Photo: M. Amin
  • [March 2023]: Teaching and Research in Stellenbosch – trying a couple of new tools in 3D modelling
  • [Jan 2023]: A small DH project on church history in the GDR creating a new knowledge base received funding!
  • [March/April 2022]: It’s good to be back for teaching and research in Stellenbosch – with a field trip to Pretoria/Tshwane!
  • [Jan 2022]: The PUDEL project was approved – more funding, 2 new colleagues!
  • [Dec 2021]: The DIKUSA Project received funding – 1,4 Mio EUR, around 30 new colleagues!
  • [Oct. 2021]: Very happy to announce that my postion has been made permanent – I’m tenured at the Saxon Academy of Sciences and Humanities!
  • [April 28, 2021]


Ich lade herzlich zu meiner Antrittsvorlesung im Rahmen des Habilitationsvorhabens ein! Das ist der krönende Abschluss eines langen Karriereschritts.

Der öffentliche, allgemein verständliche Vortrag „Spiel am Nil: Senet, Würfel & Co.“ findet am Mittwoch, den 28. April 15:00-16:30 Uhr in Zoom statt. Es geht um antike Spiele bis hin zum modernen Gaming.

I cordially invite you to the final step in my Habilitation process –
the „Antrittsvorlesung“. It is an exam and a public lecture (in German).
It will be about Egyptian board games („Spiel am Nil: Senet, Würfel &

Date: Wednesday, April 28, 2021
Time: 15-16:30 or 3 pm GMZ-2 (which is e.g. at 9 am Eastern time; check your time zone here:

Bitte PM für den Link/Please PM me for the link.

Leider gibt’s danach keine Drinks und Buffet, aber ich empfehle, ein Getränk nach Wahl bereit zu stellen.

There won’t be any catering or drinks for the locals afterwards because of the pandemic, but this way, people from anywhere in the world could join. I encourage to have the beverage of your choice next to your

  • [July 2020] My colleagues and I wrote a blog post on tools for video conferencing. We are clearly fans of open source tools. You can read the review here (in German). We also updated a list on digital tools [Nov. 2020], dubbed „Working in times of Corona„.